Westpac Smarts Seminar Series


Embark on a journey of knowledge and strategic growth with the Westpac Smarts Speaker Series, proudly presented by the Rotorua Business Chamber in collaboration with Westpac. Elevate your business acumen and gain a competitive edge through this meticulously crafted platform designed to deliver invaluable insights to the local business community.

Why Westpac Smarts?

Expert Knowledge Access: Seize the opportunity to tap into the wealth of expertise offered by distinguished speakers across diverse industries and specializations.

Strategic Insights: Our series is committed to delivering not just information but meaningful insights. Explore thought leadership topics meticulously curated to directly impact and resonate with the unique dynamics of our local business environment.

Distinguished Speakers in 2023:

Westpac Smarts offers a regular opportunity for Rotorua businesses to access expert knowledge from speakers spanning various industries and specialisations. This series aims to deliver valuable insights and explore thought leadership topics relevant to the local business community.

  • Christian Hawkesby, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, providing an exclusive economic outlook tailored specifically to Rotorua businesses.
  • Economist Cameron Bargie, sharing comprehensive insights on the Current Economic Outlook for 2023 and its nuanced implications for the Rotorua region.
  • Matt Henry, Head of Wealth Management Research at Forsyth Barr, offering a global perspective on “Riding the Economic Rollercoaster.”

Professional Networking:

Enhance your professional network during these sessions, which typically run from 7:30am to 9:30am and include a delectable buffet breakfast.

Stay Ahead with Westpac Smarts:

Keep an eye on our Events page for information on the upcoming session. Join us as we remain dedicated to bringing you insightful perspectives and expertise, fostering growth and success within our local business landscape.