The New Member 2 Member Offers Booklet



The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce is proud to relaunch the Member 2 Member Offers booklet. The booklet has long been a favourite of our members and participating businesses have enjoyed the opportunity to attract new customers. We think you'll love the new changes. We've kept the familiar booklet format, but have digitized the media.

You can view the Member 2 Member Offers Book live online by clicking the link at the top of the page. You can even download a copy as a PDF or keep it in your pocket on your smart device. Just click on the 'download' option at the bottom of the online version. As we'll be digital, we'll be updating the M2M Offers booklet quarterly, which opens up opportunities for our members to change their offers with the seasons.

Basic 4 line listings will (as always) be free to members and there are also opportunities to secure a 1/2 or full page advertisement for a 3 month period. ie - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.


Submit a Member 2 Member Offer

Call the team on: 07 346 3657 or email