These resources offer information related to global trade and have been selected to help you in your international trade activities.

Trade Relationships & Agreements

Trade agreements between two or more countries can be known as a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Closer Economic Partnership (CEP), or Strategic Economic Partnership (SEP). The names reflect the preferred terminology of different countries.

Trade agreements make international trade easier and more efficient by improving access for exporters and investors to other countries’ markets, reducing any barriers to trade, and ensuring existing access is maintained.

Trade agreements establish a set of rules. They make participating countries’ regulators and officials work more closely together to create a secure trading relationship.

For more information on Trade Relationships and Free Trade Agreements please click here.


For more information on growing exports, market access & trade development, standards & general requirements, registering as an exporter, operating under a plan or programme, export certification, general fees & charges etc., please click here.

Going out of NZ for business purposes

An important aspect of the role of the New Zealand Customs Service is to help protect New Zealand’s economic wellbeing. As well as monitoring export goods, Customs New Zealand are also charged with encouraging New Zealand's international trade and work closely with other countries' Customs agencies to facilitate the movement of trade goods internationally.

New Zealand exporters are in a position to benefit from the numerous preferential trade agreements and export schemes which New Zealand has negotiated internationally over the years, and which are designed to promote the export of our goods.

In this section you can learn more about these international agreements and Customs' role in the export sector. You can also access all the information, guidance and documentation you will need in your important role as a New Zealand exporter.


For an overview of the importing process, access and trade into New Zealand, importing health industries, food imports, fees and charges and general importing requirements, please click here.

Coming into NZ for business purposes

Our economy relies on a variety of imported goods and commercial tourism from all corners of the globe.
If you are importing goods to sell or use in your business, or you arrive on a commercial vessel or cruise ship, New Zealand Customs will be your first point of contact.

Find out more about the documentation, clearances and requirements you need when entering New Zealand, and how to make your entry as smooth as possible.


Fact sheets contain comprehensive information on Customs regulations, protocols and requirements. They cover the commercial import and export of goods, as well as the movement of private individuals travelling to or from New Zealand. These fact sheets provide up-to-date and precise information.