Rotorua Business Start-Up Clinic 

This year the Chamber has begun providing a business training and advice programme called the  ‘Business Start-Up Clinic’, which has been specially developed to meet the needs of MSD clients who are seeking to start their own businesses and are eligible for the Self Employment Start-Up Payment


Outcomes include: 

  • developing a formalised cash flow forecast 

  • completing a business plan  


Programme Outline 

The Business Clinic offers a series of confidential, 60-minute, one-on-one consultations with the Chambers experienced Business Advisor.  

The Business Clinic programme is designed for MSD clients who have a business idea or start-up business and:  

  • want to assess the feasibility of their idea 

  • want to put the right foundations in place for their business 

  • want to build a business plan for the new business and to be able to share the plan with funders, service providers and other stakeholders 

  • want help to understand legal obligations 

  • don't want to make easily avoidable mistakes 

  • want to apply for the Self Employment start-Up Payment  



  • you must be the recipient of a ‘main benefit’ from WINZ  

  • eligible beneficiaries are those receiving the Job Seeker, Sickness or Sole Parent support.  


Programme Structure 

The Business Clinic programme is split into two sections:  

  1. Phase 1: Idea Development & Feasibility Screening  

  2. Phase 2: Structure and Strategy 


*Only businesses which have proven themselves likely to be commercially viable in Phase 1 are eligible for Phase 2 workshops.  

Entry to the Business Clinic Programme is not guaranteed. It will be decided upon by the provider, after you have completed a vetting questionnaire and undertaken an initial meeting.  


Please complete this questionnaire and submit it - or contact us here.