Rotorua Business Start-Up Clinic


Starting a New Business?

Starting a new business can be difficult! It’s not as simple as just having a great idea and making it happen (well not for most of us anyway). When starting a new business you need:

  • A business plan
  • To understand if you can make money 
  • An understanding of the competition and your  target market
  • Marketing & Sales skills - how will you reach your target market? 

Pretty much you need to cover several different key areas, before you’re in the position to launch your business or to hire people to take on those roles for you. 


The Business Start Up Clinic - New for 2021

Here at the Rotorua Business Chamber we work with a multitude of different businesses and understand how tricky it can be to start your own business from scratch. With that in mind we’ve launched the Rotorua Business Start Up Clinic. 

The Clinic offers:

  • A supportive environment
  • Experienced business coaches
  • Tools to help you strive for success and independence 
  • The ability to join a network of businesses that understand what you’re going through

How does the Business Clinic Work? 

The Business Clinic team offers a series of both group and one-on-one workshop and consultation sessions. The Chambers experienced Business Coaches, tailor sessions around you and your business needs, helping you to:  

  • Assess the feasibility of your idea 
  • Develop a formalised cash flow forecast 
  • Build a business plan you can share with funders, service providers and other stakeholders 
  • Understand legal obligations 
  • Put the right business foundations in place 
  • Avoid easily made mistakes 

Programme Structure 

The Business Clinic programme is split into two sections:  

Phase 1: Business Feasibility 
Phase 2: Business Plan, Strategy & Marketing 

The Business Clinic is already one of our more sought after programmes, so entry is unfortunately not guaranteed. Working with our coaches will be decided upon based on your questionnaire and initial meeting. Additionally, only businesses which have proven themselves likely to be commercially viable in Phase 1 are eligible for Phase 2 sessions.  

How do I sign up? 

Please complete the following questionnaire, detailing key information about your business idea: Questionnaire Link or contact us Here first for further details. 

If you are a MSD client, please speak to your case manager to be referred to the programme. If you’re interested in related MSD programmes, check out this link: Self Employment Start-Up Payment

Here's what our clients are saying:

"It’s been awesome working with Tracey. My business slowed right down, and I found myself slightly losing interest due to studying full-time, and personal commitments. When I met with Tracey and kept meeting with her weekly it gave me the spark to keep going. She also helped a lot with really getting into the detailed nitty gritty aspects of business start-up and navigating me through those pieces of work. 😊"

-Mariana Vercoe, Waeve


"I have been working with Tracey at the Business Chamber for two months and within this time we have made great progress, this mentoring has kept me on track and grounded to real business world expectations, it has allowed me to be introduced to some awesome opportunities with other local businesses and given me the tools and confidence I needed to ensure my idea was feasible and realistic so I could get my business idea up and running from A to B. I can't Thank Tracey and the Business Chamber team enough for their support and encouragement. I highly recommend this service for anyone that has a new business idea." 

-Ashley Waghorn, The Perfect Spot


"I have found the business startup clinic to be really insightful. I have been able to ask Tracey for advice and also been given a hand with the cashflow side of the business. I have found it easy to communicate with everyone and look forward to our meetings. I would recommend the business startup clinic to anyone that's starting a business on their own and needs support."

-Shayla Chan

"Tracey has been amazing as I traverse a steep learning curve in becoming a business owner. She asks great questions to achieve clarity, understand my business and identify any gaps and priorities. She makes suggestions based on what works and holds me accountable for what I say I will do. She is positive and supportive, and has a great sense of humour. I appreciate her honest feedback as a critical learning tool."

-Carol Buckley, People Possibilities