Annual Ambrose Golf Tournament

Welcome to the Rotorua Business Chamber Annual Ambrose Golf Tournament – where business meets golf against the stunning backdrop of Rotorua's picturesque landscapes! Hosted each year in March at the iconic Arkikikapakapa, the home of Rotorua golf, this event is a celebration of camaraderie, competition, and connection.

At the Rotorua Business Chamber, we believe in fostering meaningful connections, building relationships, and creating memorable experiences. Our Annual Ambrose Golf Tournament brings together local businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals for a day of friendly competition on the greens of Arkikikapakapa, known for its scenic beauty and challenging course.

Highlights of the Rotorua Business Chamber Annual Ambrose Golf Tournament include:

  1. Networking Excellence: Connect with fellow business leaders and professionals in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Share ideas, experiences, and business insights while navigating the golf course at Arkikikapaka.

  2. Team-Building Through Golf: The Ambrose format encourages teamwork, making it the ideal platform for team-building activities. Strengthen professional relationships while strategizing on the fairways of Rotorua's renowned golfing venue.

  3. Sponsorship Opportunities: Showcase your brand to a diverse audience by becoming a tournament sponsor. Elevate your business profile through various sponsorship packages, each offering unique visibility and recognition against the backdrop of Arkikikapakapa's scenic charm.

  4. Scenic Beauty at Arkikikapaka: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Rotorua as you play across the well-manicured greens of Arkikikapakapa. The tournament is not just a business event; it's an experience set against the backdrop of the home of Rotorua golf.

  5. Prizes and Recognition: Compete for coveted prizes and receive well-deserved acknowledgment for your skills on the course. Sponsors enjoy prominent visibility, ensuring that your support is recognised both on and off the fairways of Arkikikapakapa.


Thank you to our three Major Sponsors