Established in 1908, the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce is the district's leading business organisation and is an affiliate member of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce.

The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce works with all business organisations and agencies by providing advocacy, support services and networking towards building a better business environment in its city.

Membership is open to all Rotorua businesses or enterprises of any size.

From small and medium sized enterprises to major Rotorua based companies, the Rotorua Chamber incorporates every aspect of the Rotorua business sector.

The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce is one of 30 within New Zealand. The current membership is about 600 businesses, representing a large cross-section of business owners and employers in the Rotorua region.

The Chamber is funded from membership, sponsorship and the delivery of business support services and contracts. We have a collaborative relationship with the NZ Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber works closely with the Economic Development Unit of the Rotorua District Council to attract businesses to the Rotorua region and to keep them here. The Chamber provides its members with services and programmes that assist them to grow. The Chamber is a focal point to facilitate interaction across the community's businesses and to provide increased awareness of the diversity of the business environment.

This is achieved through:

  • Offering business networking events such as our monthly Business After Five functions which are one of the best-attended Chamber functions per head of membership in New Zealand and Business Connection breakfasts, a more formal networking opportunity. The Chamber has recognised the desire and need of business people to network more efficiently and effectively, and the BA5 and Business Connection functions create the environment for this networking. The Chamber's annual golf tournament offers the business community another enjoyable business networking opportunity.

  • Lobbying both nationally through the NZ Chamber of Commerce and locally to ensure the promotion of an environment that is supportive to sustainable and profitable business.

  • Providing business support services such as referrals to New Zealand Business Mentors, seminars, workshops and motivational speakers. These support services encourage the development of new businesses and support existing businesses.

  • Managing the Westpac Rotorua Business Excellence Awards that recognise and encourage the business community's pursuit of business excellence.

  • The Chamber of Commerce is governed by an Executive Board comprising a President, Vice-President and up to twelve other members. The Chamber's team includes the CEO, Office Manager, Membership Sales and our Regional Business Advisor.

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