Why is the Chamber taking a stance on vaccinations?
We want people to know where they can shop and trade most safely.

Will the Chamber create a divide in the local business community with this campaign?
We are not telling anyone to get vaccinated. We are merely showing our confidence in those businesses that have elected to take the vaccination pathway.

Does this mean the chamber will remove support from local businesses that respect people’s freedom of choice regarding the vaccine?
We will continue to support all businesses in Rotorua.

How does pushing the vaccination agenda come under the Chamber’s role?
The Chamber exists to assist all businesses in all aspects of their business, including health and safety.

COVID has been around for nearly two years.  Why is the Chamber doing this now?
The Chamber has been a first responder for businesses since the first COVID lockdown.

In March 2020 we expanded our resources to help businesses specifically affected by Covid-19. Together with the other BOP chambers, our Business Growth Advisors distributed hundreds of thousands of funding from the Covid-19 Business Advisory Fund to businesses in need. Small and small to medium firms were the primary target.

We have also held many workshops and webinars on COVID related subjects such as wage subsidies, HR questions and Health & Wellbeing - as the environment changed and new needs emerged.

"The Chamber team is proud to continue our commitment to local businesses who need help and support."

Can I legally put the signage in my window?
The Chambers legal advice is that it is okay to do so, provided that all of your staff are aware and in agreement (If in doubt, consult your own legal advisor).